It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

The madness has begun…. this video is not an accurate depiction of what growing up in my household was, but now that Jack is getting older, I’m trying to do the whole Christmas thing. I am actually looking forward to a trip to the tree farm with Mom and Dad, letting Jack pick the tree out, and later decorating it with my sister while listening to the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas album…. traditions. Today, that sounds amazing to me.

Maybe one of these days I’ll tell you the story of the year we gift wrapped the living room stereo speakers in protest to our parents NOT buying us a tree. Surprise, once upon a time, I did care about that kind of stuff, and for the sake of my little one, I am making the decision to NOT herald Christ’s birth in song this year, and spend it in NH with Mom and Dad, Heather, Jack and a few bottles of wine….

Anywhoo, have lots to do today, but here’s a little something from me to you on this very merry and crazy day… I think I bumped into this woman on an LIRR train last year… Enjoy


Remember back when Sesame Street didn’t SUCK??

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?? It’s 7 minutes!!! Nobody gets to rock out on Sesame Street for 7 minutes nowadays… This is because Sesame Street has been completely revamped for a younger audience….. (and it’s boring as hell now…..) which means that the Sesame Street that you and I loved, that we’ve signed numerous petitions to protect, the generation of episodes featuring “Ladybug Picnic” and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12! and Jack’s personal favorite are now being deemed inappropriate for toddlers. Whuh??

Yup, Cookie Monster has an eating disorder, Bert and Ernie are never seen together anymore because of the whole “gay” thing and the shows ratings are completely dependent upon a furry little red thing who speaks in the 3rd person…. and damn it if my son doesn’t freaking love him. Sigh…

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my pussy’s packin’……..

Yay!! A trailer for a film that I can’t wait to see and will drag my bf to, god damn it. (After watching Ichi the Killer this week, he kinda owes me one.) Those of you who know me well, know that I spent five months writing a paper for a Freud class at Yale on the depiction of female genitalia through visual art and media… not exactly a thrilling read, but something I’m pretty passionate about. Regretfully, I didn’t come across Tammy Oler’s paper on pubescent female adolescents in the modern horror genre until I had finished up at Yale, but man, there’s some really good stuff in there, unfortunately, no links to available content on the web. Anyways, I’m beginning to watch horror films in a new light, that is, from the perspective of a feminist… and horror is a film genre that’s unchartered territory for me.

While, I’m all about the exploring, exploiting, identifying, exposing and debunking sexist myth and urban legend in media, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a trailer for something that has the potential to be this powerful, and hopefully will provide some interesting feminist theory critique….this is truly the kind of stuff I live for. Here’s what Sundance had to say about Teeth:

If you get over the rather distasteful subject matter and focus on what’s beneath the surface, you’ll find a flick that’s got a whole lot to say about young women and their fear of burgeoning sexuality, society’s general distaste (and, let’s face it, fear) of the female sex organ, and the ways in which men do a serious disservice to womankind by treating their “naughty bits” as if they’re something to be ashamed of. Teeth covers all this ground (and a whole lot more), and I suspect it’s more open-minded and honest than most of what passes for “sex ed” these days. This movie offers enough meaty subtext to fill three semesters and it does so in a shocking, humorous and strangely compassionate fashion.

Sex as power, or as a weapon is not a new notion, but what director Michael Lichtenstein has done here is sheer brilliance, he’s taken the vagina dentata myth, and flipped it upside down…. while most vagina dentata narratives end with the male warrior conquering/slaying the woman with teeth/monster, (think Medusa in the cave) in Teeth it is the toothed woman/monster-turned-heroine that the audience is left rooting for.

Working for the man today…

At DC comics, where the previous executive assistant was apparently fired because she's already been completely disabled in the system….. Translation: it's gonna take at least a day or two to generate a new username and pasword and get my computer mapped and back on the system…. Good thing I have about 50 comic books on my desk…..

And the wonder woman is on my wall, and yeah, I have my own office….complete with a V for Vendetta mask on my desk, it's kinda hot….. So is the poster of Viggo Mortenson on my wall… Alla the History of Violence….. Mmmmmmm
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Let me introduce you to my little friend

I know this looks like an image someone drew on a facebook wall, or something from MST3K, but believe it or not, this is a new Russian designed robotic suitcase, complete with infrared technology, light sensors and gyroscope. It uses a card that you keep on your person and follows you around like a puppy dog in love, or a Russian mobster you can’t shake…It can detect stairs and objects without bumping into them, won’t fall over, and if stolen without your card, emits an obnoxious alarm… and breaks kneecaps, dismembers assailants and scatters fingertips and teeth to the far corners of the world. My only question is at $2,000 bucks why can’t it make me a martini??…yowzas! I’d like to see it handle the 59th Street platform at rush hour, but my guess is if you can afford a $2,000 suitcase, you’re not taking the A train. It will be available in 2009, which gives me plenty of time to save up for it, because my $75 purple beauty has definitely seen better days.

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More on the coffee you hate to love….

Taylor Clark has penned a tall tome titled “Starbucked: A Dark Tall Tale of Caffeine Commerce and Culture.” It’s supposed to be a rich read packed full of nerdy facts. Check out a detailed review at the Observer.

I’ve already written on my experiences as a coffee snob, and I’m the recent recipient of a pound of Kona coffee, which from what I understand is equivalent to holding a bag of 100% pure uncut cocaine. It’s still sitting unopened on the couch now because it intimidates me, but when I do try it, you’ll be the first to know. So here’s what I learned this morning: the first Starbucks opened in NYC in 1994, a far journey from its Seattle home. If you’re anything like me, you probably grew weary in the next few years of ordering even the plainest Cup o’Joe only to be forced into swank-sizing it with a modifier…. tall-venti-grande? I remember an experience in the late 90’s in Princeton where I asked for a “medium” coffee, and was corrected “Grande?” to which I snarkily replied (and I was WAAAAY more snarky then) “Uhh… yeah, y’all are from Seattle right???”…. blank look from barista…blink…blink…cricket…cricket…I resumed, “Yeah, just checking.” Snark unappreciated.

Anyways, when the first Starbucks opened in NYC it was one of 425 stores, now they have expanded to 14,000 (4,000 of which are located outside the US…. they’re overtaking the world!!!)and 170 of those 10,000 in the US are right here in Manhattan!!

But they’re not all evil….they may have infected our entire country with a caffeine habit, as evidenced by the compete surge of coffee shops from 585 in 1989 to 24,000 in the US today… only 10,000 of which are Bucks…..Nah, they’re not so bad, and bonus!! they have those sweet inspirational quotes on their recycled cups to ease the yuppy pangs.