Can I still be a feminist if I like making pies???

A few months ago I wrote about how my Vag and I would not be makin biscuits….well I have been. And the truth is, I’ve actually really, really enjoyed it.

Many times the past few months I wanted to throw a RIP sign up on the blog. I was over it. Needed to reconnect with actual living breathing people. I needed to remember what it was like to have a hobby… be patient with my medium of information…read a book, do a puzzle, knit mittens…Remember how I RULE at using elipses….

Now that I have perfected my pie crust, (pizza crust, biscuits, pot roasts, porkchops, roasted vegetables, guacamole…) it’s time to return to the sunshine…

So, the question remains, can I still be a feminist if I like making pies?? Well let’s see….my most recent Barnes and Noble purchase was the current issues of: BITCH, and The Joys of Roasting, and not the Bob Saget kind…So get ready for more snark, and better pie crust recipes in 09 bitches… I leave you fondly with:

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