Can I still be a feminist if I like making pies???

A few months ago I wrote about how my Vag and I would not be makin biscuits….well I have been. And the truth is, I’ve actually really, really enjoyed it.

Many times the past few months I wanted to throw a RIP sign up on the blog. I was over it. Needed to reconnect with actual living breathing people. I needed to remember what it was like to have a hobby… be patient with my medium of information…read a book, do a puzzle, knit mittens…Remember how I RULE at using elipses….

Now that I have perfected my pie crust, (pizza crust, biscuits, pot roasts, porkchops, roasted vegetables, guacamole…) it’s time to return to the sunshine…

So, the question remains, can I still be a feminist if I like making pies?? Well let’s see….my most recent Barnes and Noble purchase was the current issues of: BITCH, and The Joys of Roasting, and not the Bob Saget kind…So get ready for more snark, and better pie crust recipes in 09 bitches… I leave you fondly with:

A Quick Melly Link Dump:

Couple Divorces because of severe PMS

Woman Burns off husbands Penis!!!
Vatican blames environmental damage and erectile dysfunction on CONTRACEPTION
That Phantom Maple Syrup Smell is BACK

One response to “Can I still be a feminist if I like making pies???

  1. Heard you tonight at Vassar. Despite the sound system problems and occasional strange pitches, the show was great. thank you. it gave me a chance to introduce some family and friends to MF18M and Reich. and such an astounding collection of talent are Signal!and don’t give up the blog…there can never be enough agitprop against,Mark

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