Rzewski and Newspeak at the Lyceum

Please go over to the WNYC site and read/listen to the interview with David T. Little and Rzewski…. it was quite possibly the most awkward 15 minutes of my musical life, but hey, my new motto is, if you don’t leave an audience uncomfortable after viewing concert, you’re not doing your job…..

In the post are video footage of the interview, as well as two audio clips of Newspeak performing Coming Together ( and rocking the fuck out, I might add- listen with good speakers/headphones) and the Price of Oil, which I’m beginning to love more and more…..

I think we performed very well, but the awkwardness of the interview to come, and performing post- interview and not letting the no-one-knows-why-birds-sing bullshit influence our playing was a bit too intense after a long week of late night rehearsals. Bottom line: we knew it would be tough to get Rzewski to talk, but we had no idea that when he did, he would talk ad nauseum, ad infinitum et ad insanitum…..that part was real fun.

Mad props to David for organizing this concert, and giving me a shout out on his blog

Let me smell your……

A month ago Jack, Matt and I grabbed a very quick bite at a Wendy’s near Atlantic Center in Brooklyn. While quietly feasting on our fries, music played on the restaurant stereo system when I suddenly looked up and locked eyes with Matt, and had a mutual “did you just hear what I heard?” moment….

Yes, yes i did…. “Let me smell your dick” was playing oh so softly over the Wendy’s speakers. Below rapper Riskay’s video. Be sure to hang in there until 2:52 where girl throws i phone over apartment railing. My heart skipped a beat, I swear. Break shit, throw shit, burn shit, bleach shit, just don’t mess with the tech gadgets.

Why Feminism is bad for the environment: update

Scene: The morning, pajama clad boy and girl indulging in mutual morning geekiness with their respective laptops.

Boy: What are you reading?
Girl: Why Feminism is bad for the environment
Boy: Oh, totally.
Girl: Really? explain to me…
Boy: Are we gonna fight now?
Girl: Probably, continue
Boy: If more women were home vacuuming, the air would be more pure.
Girl: Wow, can I quote you on that?
Boy: Absolutely. Right now there’s dust and soot in the air in my apartment, and that’s really bad for me! I guess what I’m trying to say is, go vacuum.

If no one has heard from Matt in a few days, it’s because I’ve murdered him……

Why Feminism is Bad for the Environment {Bullshit}

Ladies, let’s do our part for the environment! Keep your mini-vans in park, and your vag’s in the kitchen!!!

Upon researching his 2007 book, What’s the Matter with California, author Jack Cashill, has somehow managed to pin the largest biosphere damage on the rise of feminism. I forged my way through the bullshit so you don’t have to, but I’ll leave you with a few choice gems:

Equal pay for equal work also means equal commutes. In California, it is not at all unusual in two-income families for the two jobs to be an hour or more apart.

With only one parent in the workforce, the family has the ability to live closer to the breadwinner’s place of employment, and most do.

Indeed, stay-at-homes moms save the state’s highway infrastructure from meltdown, especially since a “nanny” often drives to the working mom’s house, putting three cars on the road where otherwise one would do.

Homeschooling moms further ease the strain on the ecosystem by keeping their kids off the road. The California judged who ruled that “parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children” obviously did not prepare an environmental impact statement before doing so.

Equal pay!! Buddy, it’s a fiction…. it’s a fucking pipe dream for most women! Last time I checked my figures, a married woman with children earns $.56 to a married man’s dollar, and a single woman $.72 to a married man’s dollar. Equal pay my ass. Secondly, there is no mention of stay at home fathers, and this concept is no longer novel. When I was working at DC Comics I was surprised at the number of stay at home daddy writers we had employed. The assumption that women by nature of their vaginal structure are to remain at home to rear children is fucking archaic.

And finally, in a somewhat “Freakanomics” like approach to divorce statistics, Cashill attempts to show a correlation between The “no-fault” divorce and the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill. And no matter how many times I read this paragraph, I don’t quite see his point, or how any of it relates to feminism, except perhaps that they occurred the same year???

In 1970, the first full year of the no-fault law, the state registered a record 112,942 divorces, a 38 percent increase from just the year before. To put that number in perspective, consider that in 1960, there had been only 105,352 marriages in California.


If, however, mom has a nest, and dad has a nest, California needs a whole lot more nests than it otherwise would, not to mention more resources to heat, cool, light and water those nests and more gas to ferry the baby birds between them.

My vag and I are going to make breakfast now.

Melly’s Music Links

Info on a few upcoming shows I’m performing in:

Stravinsky Masterpieces at Park Avenue Armory

Symphony of Psalms
Requiem Canticles
Saturday April 19th, 7:30 pm

Early Romantic Masters
Clarion Music Society
Music of Schubert, Mendelssohn and Donizetti
Church of St. Ignatius Loyola
May 7th, 8:00 pm

Newspeak Ensemble
Which Side Are You On? Music For and Against Frederic Rzewski
Music of Rzewski, Little, Hearne, Early, Bettison and Schanzer
May 2nd, Brooklyn Lyceum
This program will also be aired on WNYC

In between those rehearsals, Matt and Pete and I have been working up The Little Death for various venues in the summer and fall. When I’m awake I practice my play and sings and I am now working out poly-rhythms in my sleep with my feet. Of all the gigs I’m working right now, this one is by far the most challenging, and rewarding.