Rzewski and Newspeak at the Lyceum

Please go over to the WNYC site and read/listen to the interview with David T. Little and Rzewski…. it was quite possibly the most awkward 15 minutes of my musical life, but hey, my new motto is, if you don’t leave an audience uncomfortable after viewing concert, you’re not doing your job…..

In the post are video footage of the interview, as well as two audio clips of Newspeak performing Coming Together ( and rocking the fuck out, I might add- listen with good speakers/headphones) and the Price of Oil, which I’m beginning to love more and more…..

I think we performed very well, but the awkwardness of the interview to come, and performing post- interview and not letting the no-one-knows-why-birds-sing bullshit influence our playing was a bit too intense after a long week of late night rehearsals. Bottom line: we knew it would be tough to get Rzewski to talk, but we had no idea that when he did, he would talk ad nauseum, ad infinitum et ad insanitum…..that part was real fun.

Mad props to David for organizing this concert, and giving me a shout out on his blog

One response to “Rzewski and Newspeak at the Lyceum

  1. …and mad props to Eileen and Yuri, who did a ton of organizational work as well, and to all the fantastic members of the band, who totally rocked out!

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