Melly lives…

Melly’s home sick today after two weeks of amazing performances with Newspeak and the ACJW. Newspeak was invited to perform at the Bang on a Can’t Afford the Real Benefit Party, and we rocked. One week later we took the stage again at LPR to open for that quirky brother sister duo The Fiery Furnaces, and we looked good… although I don’t think the hipster PBR crowd was really our scene, as one friend commented, “you know you’re at a Fiery Furnaces show when there are more men in the bathroom doing their hair than pissing.” On Saturday I performed John Adams’ Grand Pianola Music with the ACJW orchestra under the direction of Jeff Millarsky. And Sunday I found myself once again at LPR for Alarm Will Sound’s Music of Derek Bermel concert, which was fabulous, and only more wonderful because Matt’s mother and sister happened to be in town. All the rehearsals, all the late nights, all the complimentary drink tickets! You guessed it, I’m halfway through a package of Tylenol Cold right about now.

But I am catching up on Reader and tweeting for the first time this week. I’ve fallen so far off the tech bandwagon that I admit, some of twitter frightens me, and at times straight up nauseates me, but I’m gonna stick it out a month or so. If the election coverage in Iran isn’t enough to inspire me to take a second glance, nothing will.

I stumbled across the following video amidst the throws of coughing and feverish dreams yesterday and loved what I saw. You can catch the rest of Sarah Haskins videos over on Current TV. They’re pretty awesome. I recommend the Carl’s Jr. one, and the Fairy Tale one especially.

Also, on Sunday you can catch me perform Music for 18 Musicians as part of the Make Music New York series, which Newspeak was profiled in last year. Music for 18 will begin at 6pm @ Cornelia Street in the Village. Special props to Yamaha for donating the 4 pianos!

And hopefully, the streamlining of my life, my search for a new job, my new apartment forthcoming, the recession on my musical career somewhat lifting.. hopefully I’ll return to some state of regular blogging…Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know, I’ve said it before…

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