Facebook issues…..

I used to be an anti SNS person…. and then one day in August of 2006, I joined all of them…. more as a sociological experiment than a voyage into the depths of everlasting friendship networking….

My immediate reaction was that Myspace was my favorite way of dealing with my professional colleagues… it was a way around having my own webpage but getting music up and information up about stuff I was invovled in.

Friendster just sucks…..

Facebook is a little more complicated…. When the mini-feed hit last September I was still wrestling with my fascination in the creation of my new reality, which was the only way I viewed this obsession with checking my sites daily….. The arrival of the mini-feed made the manufactured reality thing even easier, I didn’t have to worry about people checking my pages to see what groups I was joining, or what Suzie Q wrote on my wall, they were notified!

Although I have found a bunch of old friends and new friends via facebook, I admit, it’s not my preferred method of networking… it’s just the most popular with certain crowds…. Which brings me to mypoint. In the past three days I’ve been inundated with requests to become a vampire, been poked, had a sheep thrown at me, and just the other day tried to return a simple comment on someone’s wall…. (not sure if it was a grafiti wall, or a super wall, or a tickle me wall)…. but I couldn’t even write on it without installing the same wall on my page……lame-O.

Here’s an interesting blog from one of my blogging regulars about his own dissatisfaction with the new facebook.