This week in review with Melly

My last post I wrote on a Greyhound bus traveling back from my mid-week adventure with my family….. A lot has happened since then. I had a cold that just wouldn’t go away, a fabulous high profile gig that I had to give away because of that lame-ass cold, the most amazing sushi dinner of my life in which I even consumed raw beef….. yeah, remember a year ago when I was a skinny bitchy vegetarian and had a general rule about avoiding foods for which I felt compassion for?? Well, one year later and I’m dating someone who’s health depends on eating the flesh of other mammals. So, yeah, sushi, concerts, rehearsals, hacking chest cold, throw in a one year anniversary and a full-fledged leap into the microtonal music world and you get an idea of how my week was.

It’s 3 pm, I’m eating cereal and sifting through my Google Reader sitting unshowered in my pj’s…(and ps, Mafoo’s attempting to distract me by singing “He touched Me” in his falsetto….)It feels real good to have a lazy Saturday, but to normalcy I must return, society tells me. Anyways, here’s a few things I starred and had every intention of posting, but was just too drrn busy… I promise to be a little more on top of it this week.

Melly’s WTF moments: Eight teens in Australia rape a 17 year old girl, piss on her, spit on her, light her hair on fire, videotape it, distribute it as ‘C**t the Movie’…. and are sentenced to…..drumroll please…….a rehabilitation program for male adolescents about positive sexuality. Even more fucked up than that would be the cops who were cleared of breaking into a man’s home and tazing the hell out of him.

In feminist news, Times Online told us that the feminist movement has gone way too far by encouraging women to take charge of their own sex lives…. the nerve!!! Ladies, they want you to remember that it’s your wifely duty to have sex, even if you don’t want to… (sounds so Biblical, doesn’t it?) “sex should be seen in the same light as taking out the garbage, or doing the dishes”, hey, it’s all about compromises, right?? And speaking of douchebag men telling women what they think… Michael Smerconish expressed his enthusiasm for the male-friendly term vajayjay….while calling feminists “vajayjay naysayers”, stating that feminists have no interest in attracting men to their vaginas….WHAT?? Aww Mikey, are you really gonna perpetuate the “all feminists are hairy-legged labia-lickers” stereotype??? that’s kinda lame. Ok, I’m not personally going to invite you south of 14th street, but let me set something straight, I have a definite interest in my vajayjay, and despite what you think, most women desire some serious attention down there, so if a warm and fuzzy image is gonna help you and the rest of your ignorant crew out, let me direct your attention to my vulva puppet!!

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