Melly’s working for the man today…..

Actually, I’m working for the woman who works for the man, as in THE MAN. For the next two days I am the temporary executive assistant to the SVP of the President and COO of Time Warner…shazam!! So I’m working on the 12th floor of the South Tower, I have my own office which has two gorgeous orchids, my own closet complete with a shoe rack!!! two leather chairs and an end table with a vase of spray roses… it’s pretty sweet.

The only potential downfall was that the 12th floor being the EXECUTIVE floor, not only do I not have swipe access onto the actual floor, I have no swipe access into my wing… which means I can’t leave.. and 9-6 is a long time to go without eating lunch, even for Melly. However, an e-mail at precisely 9:30 AM alerted me to what today’s executive dining menu holds….Today’s specials include Salad of baby arugula,Bosc pears and Parmesan cheese; Roasted winter squash bisque; Grilled vegetable saladwith fresh mozzarella; Pan roasted branzino with plum tomatoes, olives and capers; Dry aged NY steak with crisp onions; Pasta tossed with oyster mushrooms,shallots and Romano cheese…. sweet!!! Most of the floors are stocked with bottles of water and tea and coffee etc, but this floor has dozens of canisters of wheat thins, triscuits, candies, danishes, cereals, sodas… it’s a little out of control…

okay, so when I’m not gorging myself on massive quantities of gourmet grub, I’ll be posting through out the day as promised…

So let’s start with this pic. As you can read from the writing this is a tampon advertisement circulating in France…I love it. The message is quite clear. Plug it up and you’ll be safe. This advertisement would never fly in the states, because we have some puritanical aversion to menstrual blood or bodily excrement in general. Haven’t you noticed that pretty much anytime a product is made to show absorbency, a nondescript blue liquid is used…diapers, maxi pads, tampons… You gotta love the French, they just put it right out there, ackowledging that vaginas bleed once a month is very bold!!

This is the boldest we’ve come:

get it… the flower is the vagina, and it’s red because it’s bleeding.

So this little stroll through google images has proven very rewarding:

eyeless medusa??? I think you get the picture

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