Darken up your Saturday with Babs!!

Although I never played with Barbie dolls, my sister had a whole village of ’em, AND the Ferrari(white), and the Dream House (pink-duh!).

One of my favorite childhood memories is of my sister around Christmas time shoving the Three Wisemen into the Ferrari with Ken to go see baby Jesus…. My parents were pretty pissed.

I didn’t play with Barbie because my parents didn’t want to idealize what was “pretty” and have it presented to me in some pink box…. While I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbie, by the time my sister was interested, their idealistic resolve was all gone, which only further proves the theory that by the time you have two children you just don’t care anymore…. Evidence of this theory in action(besides the Barbie thing) -my beautifully ornate baby book which oh-so-carefully chronicles every burp and fart through my first two years, while my sister ….has a lock of hair and some papers in a shoe box…

Oh well, this is an experiment I’m sure my father would have been proud to help me with….It’s pretty sadistic, but with Fashion Week drawing to a close, it’s sort of like an uber-dark-gather-around-the-campfire moment.

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