Fashion Week

Some of you may not be familiar with the popular grrrly blog Jezebel. While I’m not a huge fan of their fashion editorials, or of the endless sea of celeb snapshots in their worst moments, Jezebel has a team of fabulous writers who cover anything from melon scented panties, the Southwest Airline scandal, or the online debate with catholic conservative Matt C. Abbott on what a fitting “punishment” for abortion would be. What I find most refreshing about their blog is that they maintain a surprisingly down to earth viewpoint on matters…. Not macha feminist, which can be tiresome at times….. like lipstick feminism?is there such a term?

Although I myself am not a girly-girl, I’ve come to accept that there’s really nothing wrong with liking pink, shoes, make-up or even purty lacy things. In fact, I kinda like pink, but not because I have a vagina, I like it because it works with my skin undertones….. my Dad also looks lovely in pink, it brings out the blue in his eyes, and let me tell you, there’s nothing girly about my father.

This week marked the beginning of Fashion Week, which to be quite honest I could really give a flying fig about, but this posting on Jezebel caught my attention. In addition to the positioning of flight attendants on 6th Avenue handing out airline barf bags, tongue depressors, ex-lax and tic-tacs for the post-purge freshening up, there’s also a running commentary posted Ichat-style,(which anyone who knows me-knows that this is my preferred medium of convo). The dialogue from the inside reporter to the stationed Jezebel is hilarious, smart, chic,in short,very grrly.

Check out this chat involving the spotting of a Lisa Loeb.

I love that these girls are totally glam’d up for this. How would you imagine a feminist would protest this event??? Not to further the stereotype, but my vision didn’t have eye-liner or a coiffed hair-do. Isn’t it kinda hot to see opposition in a beautiful and tasteful form, the physical embodiment of sexy, chic and smart??

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