Remember back when Sesame Street didn’t Suck, Part Two

I’ve posted before on my love for Sesame Street……

Came across this video via Gawker today. Kinda scary, but this video is so fresh in my mind, I swear I could dictate the score, which is, incidentally, by Philip Glass…Watching it, I was completely transfixed… it was like I was five all over again.

Sometimes things don’t need to be summed up, or follow some logical sequence of learning, learning to appreciate something that is beautiful just because it is beautiful,even if it doesn’t make sense is HUGE. Andwhen better than at that young age, when “WHY?” is like, every other word out of the mouth…..

Remember back when Sesame Street didn’t SUCK??

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?? It’s 7 minutes!!! Nobody gets to rock out on Sesame Street for 7 minutes nowadays… This is because Sesame Street has been completely revamped for a younger audience….. (and it’s boring as hell now…..) which means that the Sesame Street that you and I loved, that we’ve signed numerous petitions to protect, the generation of episodes featuring “Ladybug Picnic” and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12! and Jack’s personal favorite are now being deemed inappropriate for toddlers. Whuh??

Yup, Cookie Monster has an eating disorder, Bert and Ernie are never seen together anymore because of the whole “gay” thing and the shows ratings are completely dependent upon a furry little red thing who speaks in the 3rd person…. and damn it if my son doesn’t freaking love him. Sigh…

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