STLtoday – Hundreds turn back on Schlafly at ceremony

The masses speak at Washington University St. Louis!! Hundreds of students and faculty turned their backs as Phyllis Schlafly who does not believe in marital rape, is a proclaimed anti-feminist and a firm leader of the conservative movement, received an Honorary Doctorate. Despite extensive protesting, WU faculty went ahead with the plan to honor Schlafly and six other candidates. I haven’t heard any info on whether the students degrees were threatened for their brave show of activism, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything. From what I’ve deduced, Schlafly has built a career out of arguing against the rights of women…..honoring her at commencement is a pretty fucked up parting gift for a female graduate, no?

My favorite part: school chancellor Mark Wrighton apologized for the anguish caused to the school’s community in choosing Schlafly as a doctoral candidate, and reiterated that the school does not in any way endorse her opinions….you know, they’re just kind of honoring her life’s work…. pretty lame.


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