Melly’s Music Geek vid of the day

Rob Paranovian and I share a common hatred. Canon in D. He laments his cello playing days, and I reminisce of the time my brass quintet played a benefit at my undergrad. Melly clad in a slinky black slipdress, forgot to hike up the middle of said dress to create some slack for the weight of my tuba. Yes, my tuba….. didn’t know that about Melly, did ya??

Anywhoo, halfway through Pachelbel, I felt a pop. It seems both straps of my dress had buckled under the weight of my tuba. And when we finished the concert of typically Baroque flashy numbers and stood for our bows, I clung to that tuba like it was a lifevest, as it was the only thing holding up my dress, and preventing me from exposing my titties to some very important Alumni.

(And the musicologist in me is reminding me that Pachelbel was an organist, hence the “boring” ground line, intended to be played by the foot…..)


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