Melly gets hyperlink-tastic

Bad Blogger!!! Bad!!! How dare you ignore your adoring public for so long Melly….. Well, to perpetuate my habit of lame excuse giving… I’ve been real real busy. So busy I haven’t even posted any pics of my new hair… Kind of cut it all off, like ALL off.

What have you been doing you ask? Well, singing with Passenger Fish, we have the ABSOLUTE worst audio and video sample up, not sure why… but the site is amazing, and there are some great pics up from our gig last Wednesday at the Tank ( where I’ll be performing TimberBrit in March) I’m totally digging singing with a band. I’ll take that over Handel, ANYDAY. I also began rehearsals for my super uber awesome friend Ted Hearne’s show The Katrina Ballads, also way fun,and my first NEWSPEAK gig is this coming Monday…. jeez.

Went to VT for the weekend with Matt. Missed our train, took 3 buses, walked from the bus to the hotel (that’s two years in the running for that little mistake, you’d think between all the tech and gadget knowledge between the two of us, we’d figure out pre-booking by now….Alas) Drank entirely too much coffee, and hung out in amazing bookstores, and were nearly run off the rode by two people on motorized scooters. That may have been my favorite part, or maybe watching Matt eat a lobster while wearing that silly bib they give you.

When I got on the train and hooked up my Bluetooth so I could geek out on my Reader, I had over a 1,000 items…. Google Reader caps out at 1,000. I have no idea how many posts were actually in my Reader, and it took about six hours to get it under 1,000. Not only that, I had been working sooo hard in order to get the hell out of the city, that I had missed the Illinois shooting entirely. Didn’t know about it until Saturday. I’m not proud of that.

So, my starred section in my Reader is a burstin’ so, I’m gonna go crazy hyperlink-tastic on you: Good news if you plan on traveling through Texas anytime soon, you can bring your sex toys with ya. Dolly’s postponing her February tour, but she’s got a great sense of humor about it..”hey, you try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don’t have back problems.”

K, in the feminist world…..ummm. Sick of people asking me if I’m voting for Hillary, or if being a feminist means that I HAVE to vote for Hillary….. yeah, all you who think that, should maybe think about crawling back into that pit of primordial ooze you somehow escaped from…. Just a thought. But, did anyone notice that Barack was called a pussy??? You know my ears perk up when that word is used. With all the hype of the Jane Fonda casually dropping the c bomb, well, I have to admit it made me think….Nope, still think calling anyone a pussy or that *other* word which I still haven’t reclaimed or whatever, is just plain old-not right.

I’m also trying to immerse myself in the comic book world. There’s definitely a connection between feminism and comic book reading. check out Alan Moore‘s series of articles published in the 1983 on feminine stereotypes in comics… and sigh, as not much has changed. But check it out anyways, because the scans are really beautiful.

Okay, and I leave you with something beyond words….you’ll thank me after…

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