My pussy’s STILL packing

Quick summary of my Teeth viewing. I’ll probably post a full critique after I watch it a second time. Ok, initial thoughts: did anyone else think the KY lube commercial before the trailers was a little out of place?? cuz really, all the warming liquid on the planet was not going to change the outcome of that movie…. Ah, the irony.

So. Teeth… Yeah, It’s reeeeal good. As a horror flic, plenty of blood and gore. Stumps!!! And realistic, painfully realistic blood… As a feminist flic, or at least a venture into myth of vagina dentata, it’s great. Oodles of yonic imagery, some subtle, some not so much, i mean, the initial rape scene is in a toothed cave, for crying out loud.

Stop reading here if you want to see it yourself…

Most interesting character: Dawn’s step-brother Brad, played by John Hensley, the cute son from Nip Tuck. From early childhood he developed an intensely unhealthy crush on his step-sister. This is obvious in the first five minutes of the movie, which feature a classic game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…” with a bloody outcome. Brad’s character then becomes fixated in this horribly misogynistic world, chain-smoking, rotweiller owning, all pierced and tatooed…. Ok, that part was hot… All women to him are bitches and c**ts, and the goth girlfriend that he has is only penetrated anally….. Hmmm…. Castration anxiety much???

Best scene: watching a rotweiller eat a dick.

Then I went out for hot dogs.

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