Let’s Objectify Women in our Advertising…Shall We?

I kind of giggled at the bikini turkey, and thought the ladies at feministing were kind of over-reacting…… I thought the generic sex-less pencil sharpener was funny… until I had a closer look and realized it was a headless woman getting fucked up the ass….and one would need their head to be willing to get fucked up the ass in my opinion. This little beauty is making a poor attempt at poking fun at rape, which just ain’t funny…. but this is fucked up.

Anytime a woman’s body is represented anyway but in its entirety, it’s kind of an open invitation to scrutiny…. and when those representations are based on common misrepresentations and abilities of our sex(i.e. women are sex toys).. then it’s objectification. Kind of plain and simple….

Via Feministing

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