don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me????

Hi, I have an announcement……..drumroll please…… Feminists make better lovers…..

Well, no shit!! Quel Surprise!!!! A new study published by Rutgers University disproves a theory that some women have tried to debunk since the beginning of time…….Yes, in contrary to the popular stereotype, most feminists are not hairy-legged, birkenstock-wearing, cat-loving, labia-licking, man-haters….nope.

And now for the stats because the academic in me is screaming that I need to cite and source and quantify this data. After polling over 500 American males and females, ranging in age from university undergraduates to older adults with more relationship experience, researchers found that females who identified as feminists were more likely to report greater sexual satisfaction, and healthy long-term relationships than those who did not identify as feminists. Males that reported to having a feminist partner were more likely to describe themselves as being in stable and sexually satisfying relationships……… meow!

huh, kind of makes me feel bad for women like Kelly, or the women working towards their degree in stain removal and chocolate chip cookie baking at the Southern Baptist Seminary…..ok not really…..

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