My son is a genius…….

I received a phone call this morning from Jack’s school informing me that he had a fever and that they felt it was in his best interest to be home resting. I fled work and took the Yale Shuttle to his classroom, where I was greeted by a tearful little monkey, indeed I could hear his shrieks before I even entered his classroom…

Upon seeing me, the tears dried up, his frown turned upside down and he was fine. Was it his Mommy he was missing? I’d like to take credit for this one, but I don’t think so…

We’re home now, he has no fever, is eating and drinking normally, and is presently burrowing himself in a mountain of pillows on my bed. We’re blasting Janis Joplin and singing: translation- my son just faked his way home from school! (the fever thing’s rather impressive, right?)

No complaints here, it’s a beautiful day, it’s a Janis Joplin spring afternoon, and I feel a trip to the park coming on, I’m thinking my little monkey saw the sun shining and had had enough of the alphabet song and circle time, maybe he’s realized how pointless the routine can get, the first thrill of sticking it to the proverbial man. Did I want to be at work, where I’m currently sorting through correspondence of Colonel Leonard Pickel (real name)…. no I did not.

I hear ya little man….thank you.

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