Sianara Ladies……

WOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO Two more victories today for woman’s rights….

Less than a year after her appointment to Bush’s Family Planning Office, Susan Orr, who I referred to as the Princess of Darkness, stepped down yesterday.

A controversial appointee from the beginning, Orr penned an article in 2000 titled “Real Women Stay Married”, and worked against providing access to information and contraceptives to low income families stating “fertility is not a disease.”

Orr’s largest task while working under Bush was working to enforce the global gag rule of Title X, which restricts government money from aiding PP Clinics and other centers that provide abortions, info and contraception to families in need.
And in OTHER news, LAURA SESSIONS STEPP took leave of her space at the Washington Post today. You may recognize her name from her book, “Unhooked:How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both”, or perhaps from the arguments surrounding the concept of “Gray Rape,” a term she coined to help label those less than clear moments in which sex may have been consensual, you were just too drugged out of your mind to remember consenting to it, right?? Yeah, I’m not a fan of her ……”work”…..

She also stated that women don’t like bars, we only think we do, and that we should reacquaint ourselves with the kitchen and make some baked goods, because MEN LOVE baked goods. AND she believes that women can use up their orgasms…poof, one day, NO MORE. And finally, when scientific research showed that 30% of erectile dysfunction sufferers are under age 30, she blamed *agressive* young women, (in truth she’d call them slutty, I’d call them sexually enlightened.)

She pretty much just makes me angry EVERY TIME she opens her mouth. So long ladies!! As my Mom used to say, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!”

Welcome Princess of Darkness!!!

Here in the US of A, we care about your Right to Life! Er, that is until you’re expelled from the womb, and then you’re on your own, kiddo. It came as no surprise to me that the new presidentially appointed head of Family Planning is “real-women-stay-married” Susan Orr, who believes that covering contraceptives is “not about choice, it’s not about health care. It’s about making everyone collaborators with the culture of death.

If the 6.9 million children without insurance coverage at this moment got ya down…. It looks like a middle school in Maine is attempting to provide birth control pills to students without parental consent.

“Students must have permission to seek care at Portland’s King Student Health Center, but according to state law, the specifics of their doctors’ visits can remain confidential.”

Hmmmmm…….looks like they view contraceptives as a medical necessity.