ZOE BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We knew this day was coming!!!!!! But seriously people, why the hell would you hire Zoe Bell, a living, breathing, stunt artist….. only to have her walk off a boat never to be heard from again…. Cameo, my ass!! I mean, come on!!!!!! I waited and waited… no Zoe. Where the fuck is Zoe?? Oh, she’ll be back, I said out LOUD, she’s gonna pull some crazy shit, just you wait. You know she can hold her breath for like, a year….

Why just jump off a boat?? My God, I could have done that. No swandive?? At least let her do a cannonball, come on!!!

Lame…. Lamer than Lame….Lame-o.

I’m boycotting my Reader until after I watch the new Lost

Couldn’t watch the season premiere of LOST last night, because I was singing an aria at Weill Hall….. To be quite honest, I would have preferred watching LOST, but that’s not your problem.

Hello!! I can not click through any of my Google Reader without coming across a live blog, or little hints to what happened in the episode… I’m starring these posts left and right, but after starring 6 (!!) I have finally decided to give up and not touch my Reader until after this evening, when I have a chance to watch the new episode. I also can’t be hyperlink-tastic in this post because even Googling LOST is bringing up spoilers….

Until then, my hope is that all the heroin Charlie did while in DRIVESHAFT has given him some supernatural third lung capacity, and that he is alive and well…… but alas, I know that my hopes are in vain. *fingers crossed* PLEASE JJ Abrams, let Charlie appear in many, many flashbacks! Although from what people HAVE leaked to me, it seems flashforwards are all the rage this season.

And let it be declared throughout all the land, that I’m definitely a fan of the Sawyer and Kate union…. this apparently makes me a “Skater”.. I don’t care. It’s way way waaaaaay hotter than the PB&J Jack and Kate thing.