The Pussy Edition

1. It appears that we may have received our first legitimate press for TimberBrit.

2. Italian dudes discover G Spot via Ultrasound. It turns out, not all women have G Spot tissue, which could be why only 7% of woman achieve orgasms vaginally…. so don’t feel bad if you’re one of the 93% who can’t…..

3. And, even if you have one, you could always have your G Spot injected to increase the tissue size. Yeeeeeeeesh.

4. Either way, you should familiarize yourself with the Rule of Thumb

5. Tampires Tampons… yeah, just watch it.

[livevideo id=DB52F8A6D05E4D0EA8585F9172859865/230941/tampires.aspx]

And a little bit of Misogyny-Vintage Style…..

……….well, it is Schlitz…….