My pussy’s packing, part two

Teeth opened this weekend. I posted the trailer and reviews from various film festivals back in November.

Yay for VAGINA DENTATA!!! My hope is that Teeth will be a new Carrie, but a bit more flattering for the feminsts. And speaking of Carrie , this weekend I watched another episode of Garth Merenghi’s DARKPLACE, which is HILARIOUS. (Full episode can be viewed here.) This particular episode centers around Liz, the female character chanelling her anger into telekenesis which she then unleashes onto her male colleagues, and then the entire hospital. If you have no exposure to this show, I HIGHLY recommend it. I haven’t really figured it out, but I’ve loved everything I’ve watched so far.

Also, since I posted last Monday on my own sensitivity to genital bashing, I’ve revisited my Freud paper I wrote at Yale. It’s good stuff, in fact probably my best writing. I’ve decided to post bits of it time and time again here if you’re interested on where my point of departure is on this subject.

I haven’t been posting much and I guess it’s partially because I’m getting used to this new job and also kind of struggling a bit in general. I’ve been feeling pulled in too many directions lately, and when that starts to happen I begin to feel off balanced, and then it’s just a hop skip and a jump to cray-crazyland..I’ve been living there all week.

Anyways, I found myself at a bar on Tuesday night engaged in conversation about the C word, and I talked at length about the depiction of female genatalia in art-form blah blah blah this paper I wrote, blah blah blah, and instead of being bored, or looking for the nearest exit, the guy I was talking too expressed an interest in reading it. So in some vague attempt to re-ground myself, I’m posting installments of my thesis under the heading “Beautiful- Evil”

Werd. Happy Monday.