New York Times Zorn@60 Guggenheim Review

I can’t believe that this man is 60. Having recently spent a considerable amount of time with him, I can assure you he has more pep in his step than those half his age. Talk about an inspiration.

The New York Times review from the Guggenheim show is in, and survey says awesomesauce!! You can read the full review here. It’s been a crazy ride putting together Earthspirit and Madrigals and we’re about to tour all of Europe with Holy Visions, the piece he wrote for the Sapphites back in November.  So stay tuned for that! 



(How creepy do we look all in red and black!)

Here’s what the fabulous Steve Smith had to say about our singing:


The sopranos Mellissa Hughes and Jane Sheldon and the mezzo-soprano Kirsten Sollek sang sublimely, their precise pitch and clear tones shimmering and resonating in discordant harmonies and intricate metrical maneuvers.

Those singers and three more —  the sopranos Lisa Bielawa and Sarah Brailey, and the mezzo-soprano Abby Fischer —  brought the same exactitude and luster to “Madrigals,” for which Mr. Zorn assembled phrases inspired by reading Percy Bysshe Shelley. Harmonically consonant, often unambiguously melodic and rhythmically effervescent, these half-dozen songs could easily slip into standard repertory.


Needless to say, I’m pleased as punch. These are the hardest pieces I’ve attempted to learn in quite sometime. In fact, so hard, I dragged myself to Guitar Center to buy a keyboard, AND I’m rocking a nasty bruise on my left hand from whacking it with my tuning fork repeatedly. New music can be painful in a variety of ways it seems. 

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