It’s coming!!

Here is the new The Little Death: Vol.1 Video TRAILER

If you want to see the FULL video, you’ll just have to come to our Opening Night Video Premiere at the Incubator Arts Project!!

The Little Death: Vol. 1, Matt Marks’s post-Christian nihilist pop opera, is an ambitious new work that fuses bombastic electro-pop hooks, frenetically chopped break beats, hypnotic lyrics, and apocalyptic Christian imagery. Holding these disparate elements together is a unconventional narrative that follows two characters, Boy (Matt Marks) and Girl (Mellissa Hughes), on a journey through the world of Fundamentalist Evangelism, as they cope with repressed sexuality in a modern world.
The sample-heavy work draws on musical references that echo the character’s sexual-religious confusion, including pop songs and gospel standards with evocative titles (“He Touched Me” and “When God Dips His Love In My Heart”). Marks took most of the sampled material from his own collection of 1970s gospel albums and classic hip-hop and soul recordings. Using a DIY approach, he produced the album using only a couple of microphones and a laptop running Ableton Live. The stage show as directed by Rafael Gallegos takes inspiration from a number of sources, including The Brady Bunch Variety Hour and church lock-ins.

Starring Matt Marks and Mellissa Hughes
Directed by Rafael Gallegos

Set Design by Brett J. Banakis
Lighting Design by Jimmy Lawlor
Costume Design by Sydney Maresca
Choreography by Michele Torino Hower and Rafael Gallegos

Video Promotion by Satan’s Pearl Horses

Here’s what people are saying about The Little Death: Vol. 1:

“it’s like rollerskating straight from Xanadu into the Void” Outsideleft

“Never have I heard a sexier performance of my grandmother’s favorite hymn. And it makes me uncomfortable, which is precisely why I love it so much.”The Indie Handbook

“eerily dreamy”NY Times

“The music is just so good that I found myself strolling through Brooklyn this morning humming ‘OMG I’m Shot’ to myself, certainly the best sock-hop-dance-pop-driving-rock song about being shot ever written.”The Big City

“sultry, bright, infectious”Altsounds

July 8 -11, July 14-17th
Tickets: General $18/Student $14
Buy tickets here

The Little Death: Vol.1 album, out now on New Amsterdam Records, is streaming here

You can also buy the album on Amazon

and iTunes

2 responses to “It’s coming!!

  1. I’m listening to the stream, and enjoying the hell out of it. I used my emusic quota for this month (this morning! on Corey Dargel…), but I’ll be downloading it soon. Great stuff.

    • I’m so glad you like it, and really happy that you grabbed Corey’s newest album of awesomeness. I’m a big fan of Corey’s too!

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