A Beatiful show indeed….

Below is an excerpt from Jacob Cooper’s TimberBrit, recorded at the Tank in May of 2008, with the help of Ted Hearne, David Skidmore, Trevor Guereckis, James Moore and JJ Lind. Come check out a staged performance of it August 16th as part of the East River Music Project, in which I’ll also be performing in Matt Marks’ The Little Death…. that nihilistic post-Christian pop musical I’m always talking about. Very exciting times indeed….

Every time I talk about TimberBrit I feel an explanation is needed. What you are listening/viewing are time stretched samples from pop songs that have been re-orchestrated for rock band and superimposed with highly tragic lyrics. Stupid-titles, as I’ve always lovingly called them, are in this case very helpful!! A beautiful show/TimberBrit’s melodies are derived from the choruses of Brit’s Hit me baby,one more time, and The Killer’s Mr. Brightside. So follow that bouncing ball everyone!!

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