Catch me if you can…..

Co-ed 5k. Werd. Sounds like fun…… except here’s the spin:

The ladies wear little skirts and are given a head start, and the men chase them. $500 bucks to the winner, male or female. Hey! it’s a fun way to keep in shape and potentially get laid especially if your gym selection is a little lacking, right??

The site seems innocent of intentional sexism surprisingly. I don’t know if all the spring-ness and catcalling in the air is affecting my reaction to this or not…. I’m just not digging the female as the dangling carrot image….and as Salon puts it “…. this is entirely routine — “edgy” and “innovative” would be putting men in skirts and having women chase after them.”

In my opinion it’s a poor attempt at gathering a bunch of women in the name of “empowerment’, (and exercise) and turning a blind eye to the fact that they are still being treated as objects. The whole thing just kinda confuses me.

Oh, and for the little ones, there’s Skirt-Chasers in training…… Really?

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