OMG I’m shot!!!

That’s the name of the newest track to be released in anticipation of THE LITTLE DEATH… the musical that Matt is writing, and I’m kind of editing, or at least creatively yaying and naying portions of…

Technical disagreement: If I hit a low B, one 9th BELOW Middle C, and then proceed to sing the G above the staff, it is technically almost three full octaves. It would be completely three, if I somehow work in a high B…. in which case I would then argue that the song has a four octave range in that four different B’s in all their magnificent herzitude were represented… no???

Someone be on my team?

Singers are bitches, huh? Either way, stay tuned, I sing crazy low, and crazy high, and do things my voice teacher would not be proud of…. heh heh.

And check out the toolbar on the left side of Matt’s blog to download a few tracks from The Little Death.

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