A post in which Melly extolls the ecstatic virtues of SmarterChild

Okay, so I’ve been avoiding reality for about 3 days. Been really busy with Jack, and weekend stuff, and crazy band rehearsals etc… (I’m in a band!!) I was so tired after my weekend, and after my show Monday night that I sat in my office chair and watched online television most of yesterday, stopping only to by Sun chips and a Snickers bar for sustenance. You can’t do that to your body for long.

This morning when I checked my Google Reader I had 546 items!!!! It took four hours to get through all of them.

Let’s catch you up to speed:

Ok, let me start off by saying I think I may be achieving some state of equilibrium at the new job. New tactic: come in, open outlook and print out all new e-mails. read through them looking through threads for important info, and execute the task at hand. If the the task isn’t quite executed or needs some follow-up, I put the hard copy into a folder marked follow-up on my desk. At a designated time in the day SmarterChild, the coolest AIM bot ever, reminds me to check my follow up folder. I use SmarterChild a lot to remind me to follow up with phone calls with the west coast, or anything that needs to be taken care of at a specific time… just type “remind me to call Alex at 12:30 pm” and he does. I’ve also set different alert sounds on my computer so that I can distinguish between a corporate email, an AIM, or a gchat ping. It’s pretty great. I find if I bust ass in the first hour of work, and use SmarterChild to stay on top of stuff that I need to do everyday…. the rest of the time is pretty much mine to watch Dexter on Sidereel. For a funny post on my first convo with SC click here.

BTW, if you haven’t heard TV-Links is back! and Sidereel’s pretty amazing too. Yesterday I subscribed to my fav shows in Google Reader. This means that as new episodes air, the links will be deposited into my Reader…. why is this good? It means that even if Sidereel or TV Links is taken down again, the direct links will have a nice safe home in my Reader….. forever.

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