Another Week, Another Blog

Not so much posting these days, as I struggle on with my journey to be better at my job, better at life, better at being a Mom, what have you….. and failing at all of them….

I had such a strange dream this morning. A woman told me that it was absolutely necessary for me to come in early this morning to take care of car arrangements for my boss. My boss (who I refer to as my dude), travels constantly, so my main job is booking and keeping up with his travels, and then making sense out of the piles of receipts that he hands me after and converting yen into USD and all that crap…..and booking appointments, and ordering bagels and cheesesteaks, etc. It’s kind of like being a Mom all over again….

Anyway, he changed his mind about his flight home and stayed an extra day for personal reasons. I changed his flight with no problems, but was unable to extend the rental car for an extra day because I didn’t have the contract code, which is located on the key. I e-mailed him immediately and told him that he would have to take care of that as I didn’t have the code. He called back and said he needed me to take care of it, and that he would call me back. He never did. I waited all day for that phone call, and sent e-mail reminders.

So, back to the dream in which the mythical woman told me I needed to come in to work early to take care of this car thing….. I sighed and agreed to leave Brooklyn at 5 AM, and then thought for a second…. and then I said, “Hey lady, no way. I’m happy to take care of work stuff during work hours, but I’m not coming in early to arrange something that would have easily taken maybe a minute, tops, to type into his blackberry and e-mail me. Oh yeah, and tomorrow’s MLK day, so, yeah, no!”

See, the lady was my subconscious telling me something wasn’t right. I then sat straight up in bed and realized that I had not changed his car service HOME from the airport. In a sense I had taken care of what he had asked me to take care of… airport and car rental. But the poor guy was most likely standing outside JFK for God knows how long waiting for a limo that NEVER came. Well, that’s not true actually, it came the day before and waited.

So stay tuned tomorrow when I get fired. Awesome.

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