On Superbad-Some Clarification

Matt posted this video on his blog of a man and woman (couple?) debating the aesthetic value of the movie Superbad, which I thought kinda super-sucked…. Ok, actually, it wasn’t that bad. When I viewed it from the “American Pie” lens, it was a nice cute story told from the perspective of coming of age horny highschool boys….But, some things just irked me. I didn’t find the movie vulgar, or stupid, the language didn’t bother me, except one thing…..

What was it?

take a guess……

The drawings of the penises, peni? Nope, didn’t bug me, in general, I’m quite fond. Jokes about cum, asses, jobs of the hand, tits, facials, I laughed…Har-har.

I personally don’t think I’m easily offended, although others would disagree, however, utter these words near me, not even TO me, just near me, and I might hurt you

“Stop being such a pussy”

Does the word pussy bug me? Not.In.The.Slightest.Big fan at times. But not when it’s used to demonstrate a frailty in a man.

Melly’s mounting her soap box here, but there were MULTIPLE references to female genitalia hurled in dialogue in order to infer some sort of weakness. “Don’t be a pussy, stop being such a vag, way to bitch out’ are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

“But Melly”, you wine, “how many times have you called a guy a dick or a cock…” Yup. when I’m really pissed at you, and you ARE a guy, I’ll call you a dick, maybe, but probably not. In my entire life, maybe 3 times. If you really want to make my eyes turn back in my head and watch me foam at the mouth, just drop the c word casually in convo, and I’ll rip you a new one. It’s just something I feel, shall we say, passionate about.

I should also say that when my bf downs his 7th cosmo, I’ve been known to call him a pussy drinker, and that’s wrong. By labeling him as a pussy, I’m inferring that there’s something weak about my own pussy, and my sex in general….. and there’s not. There’s just not.

Dare I broach the subject of censorship?? Should those words have been avoided? No, they’re an unfortunate and accurate reflection of our language, and to censor the language would have made the movie weaker but I still don’t like it, and if you were sharing a drink with me at the bar and used one of those expressions, I just might call you out on it, and hope that you have a really good answer.

I’m anti certain words losing their significance and meaning because the general population is pulling them into the everyday lexicon. I am of the opinion that because I choose my words incredibly carefully, they automatically carry more weight. I also think that words have power, and that makes me part of the minority here, but they do. The line wouldn’t have been as effective if it read “stop being such a nosehair” or whatever…. and that’s because there’s power and significance in the labeling.

If I ever call you a c word, it’s because I think you’re Satan’s fucking concubine, and you should probably never speak to me again. Incidentally, I don’t think I’d ever use it, but if I did, it’d be kinda like hearing your grandma swear. There’s something to be said for reserving some words for those moments where you want to be at your most poignant, no?

ps, Prince Fucking Rocks….

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