Google Android, and an Open Love Letter to Google

Last week I nearly had a panic attack when I thought Google was down… no Gchat, no Gmail, no Google web search, no Reader, no Analytics?? no Blogger for Melly Mell, no access to my Google Docs, no Gcal, no Gmaps!!!??? No Google. Repeat: all things Google DOWN. Turns out it was just Firefox being bitchy.

So, I would just like to say a few things to Google: Hi there, I’m sorry if I take your unfathomable memory space for granted, and I know that I Google myself and check my Analytics all the time, and that I’m all like me me me me, and you put up with that….. but it’s just because you’re SUCH a good listener, and you’re always there for me, and I’ve come to really depend on that. But that day, that day was hard, man. I mean, I was utterly lost without you, and I sat there like this pathetic heap crosslegged on the floor with my laptop resting on my yogapants and cried out in anguish, Why?? Why?? I need you!! What do I have to say?? Please don’t leave me! You make me want to be a better woman, you had me at hello, Google, I freakin’ wuv you!!!

Melly was sad, and no amount of reloading and refreshing did anything to appease the aching loneliness in my soul. And then, Oh! It wasn’t you, it was Firefox!! Oh, Google!! How could I ever doubt you!! You would never leave me!! Sorry you had troubs with Firefox, if you wanna talk about it, Gchat me!!


For those of you who ❤ the Google, the prospect of a Google phone probably excites you, but I would bet not as much as it does me. If you ever wonderered if the Google phone was urban legend, and if it would ever come to fruition…..a little sneak preview of what the newest smartypants phone looks like.

More info on Gizmodo

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