More in Lysol Advertising… Protect your Daintiness Ladies!!

As someone with a staked interest in debunking the “vaginas are the route of all evil” campaign, I’m a little shocked that I’ve found not one, but two Lysol douche adverts this week!! Did our mothers really clean their *thule’s with the same ingredient they scrubbed toilets with???? Sweet Jesus on a cracker, ouch??

Also thule (pronounced Too-lee, like the bike rack) is the Hughes women’s vag nickname. It’s kind of like tu-lip, get it? My parents never taught us proper names for “those” body parts, that was WAY to hippie. In fact, in terms of sex knowledge, I’m here to say, I’m 28 and have a four year old son, and we’ve still yet to have that talk. Ooops.
via Bitchslap

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