everything you can do, I do backwards and in heels

I came across a post this summer about a couple who were considering implanting a uterus into the male in order for them to conceive… not because she was infertile, but because she always felt that he’d be a great mother, and she didn’t have a maternal side…It kind of pissed me off for many reasons, but mainly because pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and it’s one of the few experiences that’s OURS as women… I guess that makes me a really bad feminist, and quite honestly, I don’t really care. While it takes two to make a baby, and a pregnancy can be shared by two in some sense, the lower back pain and swollen ankles and pickles with ice cream thing (I was more of a BBQ Pringles w/Phish Food ice cream girl) is really a solo experience, and don’t throw that “sympathy symptoms” crap in my face, cuz as one who has lived through it, it’s a bunch of hooey.

Well even if that uterus implant took, apparently men can’t carry to full term because of the shape of your spines!! Yep, you all just don’t have what it takes! Women’s spines are S shaped, and shift through out the pregnancy to enable them to carry weight in the front. Weaker sex, my hiney!! (thought I’d refrain from potty mouth in a baby post, seems logical, or I could throw a big F bomb in the mix, throw a $20 in Jack’s piggy bank, and call it a day)

This does not mean that it’s ok to let a pregnant woman stand on the subway. All that jostling around is really bad for baby!!

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