Ask Melly

It’s kind of a really slow news day, or it could be that I’m moving at a snails pace. Quite honestly, I feel pretty out of it. I slept for 11 hours yesterday, and that is very unlike me. I have no urge to do anything today other than eat Haagen Daaz by the Pint and watch movies. However, I did manage to shave my legs today for the first time in a week. I know, kinda nasty, but it’s cold out, and my skin is REALLY sensitive so I can’t do it all the time, and the bf is away for a week, so why even bother??

I also HATE shaving, and if my hair were finer and lighter I’d probably not shave at all… and the whole obsession with body hair is still something I think about a lot, as in where the line is drawn between choosing to straighten or curl (umm, *clarify* talking about the hair on my head), and pluck and shave in a way that society likes, verses my own personal opinion about hair in general…. and only because I don’t have a firm opinion on this issue do I continue shaving and plucking, etc… and ya know, when all is said and done, it gets kinda itchy.

So I remembered that this week I was lunching with a friend of mine, the same friend who…ahem…. lost her “trill”… anyways, when she was going to visit her new “friend” it was kind of obvious that she was going to sleep with him, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to. My friend is similar to me in that she’s impulsive, the kind of girl who’ll take what’s offered to her in the moment, knowing full well that she may not want it again down the road. And I’m not just talking about the company of men, but in the “do I really want that ice cream, third drink, cute shoes, etc.” impulsiveness. I won’t say that the majority of women are like this, and in fact impulsiveness definitely extends to the males as well, so this isn’t really a gender thing… But seeing that she was on the fence about sleeping with him, I told her, “just don’t shave your legs, or wear your granny panties,” She looked at me like I was completely nuts, but really, haven’t we all done something preventative to keep us from making a choice that we know we might not be able to make rationally??

Trust me, there’s no easier way to swat a hand that’s reaching for your belt than remembering that you’re sporting your over the navel full coverage briefs…

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