How does one know when they’re being groomed???

I've noticed recently that when I call for temp work I'm given something within 30 minutes or less, kinda like Dominoes….pretty sweet deal. My past few assignments have been more and more corporate, on higher floors, better money, more SVP types, and less VPs…lately I've had my own offices with my own floral arrangements and sitting area…. Come to think of it, I haven't sat in a cubicle since August.

Today I finished a three hour gig and was told by HR to report to a different floor to another woman. I figured she was someone that I would eventually work for so I didn't think twice about it. This woman's office is on the executive legal floor, that way swanky floor with the tilapia and sweet potato bisque??

So I shake hands and sit down and make nice chit chat about weather and Brooklyn and college degrees, etc, when she asks me for my resume….yeah, don't carry one on me, unless you count the one on my flash drive! Melly so chic!! So I forwarded it to her from my blackberry and she walked me out via the kitchen for a pastry and cup of tea. She told me she would be in touch.

I walked outside and stared at the street for five minutes until I realized what had just happened. Prett sure I just interviewed for an executive assistant position in the Legal department… What's scarier is that I received an email 20 minutes before from my temp liason reminding me that sometimes executives hire people they like regardless of how many years executive experience they have…… Umm…. Am I being groomed?? Is this all an elaborate scheme to suck me into the world of financial security???

If I had known I was being interviewed I would have worn make-up, not just moistirizer and chapstick. Or at least have filed my nails and worn pantyhose instead of fishnets, but I have a personal agenda with putting fishnets back into the workplace. It's kind of a personal mission of mine.

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