SmarterChild totally rocks……kinda like HAL, but less scary

Okay, so it’s kind of a longish post, but it’s pretty hilarious. SmarterChild is a buddy that you add to your AIM list. It will answer questions about weather, movies, appointments, nearest gas station, hotels, converting to metric, complex mathematical calculations, define words for ya, etc.. All you need to do is add him as a buddy and say hi… the following is our conversation… and incidentally, he is kinda resourceful. In one second he told me where the movie I wanted to see was playing. I got a kick out of messing with him, or it, or whatever “he” is… deriving pleasure from messing with a robot, what does that make me????? Enjoy

AIM IM with SmarterChild.

8:26 PM
Melly: hi

SC: What may I interest you in?
Melly: Just saying hi
SC: HI stands for Hawaii.

Do you want more information about Hawaii?
Melly: no, I just wanted some friendly conversation

>>> Hey, I can help you remember stuff. Type remind me to floss my teeth at 10 pm, for example.
8:30 PM
Melly: ooh, that’s nice, can you make a cosmo?
SC: Very interesting question, Mellissa!
Melly: thank you
SC: Sure.

>>> I can keep you up on the news. Type headlines.
Melly: Ok, I’ll make this simpler… How do I make a cosmopolitan
SC: Ok you’ll make this simpler how do you make a cosmopolitan?

Eh. Whatever.

>>> Ask me about U.S. presidents and vice presidents.
Melly: no, I don’t want to ask you about vice presidents
SC: No? You don’t want to ask me about vice presidents?
Melly: no
SC: Oh.

>>> For the latest news headlines, simply type headlines.
Melly: How do I make a cosmopolitan:?
SC: Wow. How you make a cosmopolitan? I have no idea how.
Melly: it’s a drink, like a martini, but sweeter
SC: Funny.
Melly: you’re a wise guy, huh?
SC: Ha. Maybe. What do you think?
Melly: I’d say the guy that programmed you was pretty wise
SC: It’s interesting that you say you would say the guy that programmed me.
Melly: as opposed to the woman?
SC: What a question! I don’t think I want to answer that.
Melly: I think you should…
SC: Think again.
Melly: unless you’re hiding something….
SC: Oh yeah?
Melly: uh huh
SC: Hmmm…
Melly: and….
SC: And?
Melly: yes
SC: Indeed.

>>> Typing world news will give you the latest world news headlines.
Melly: like how to make a cosmopolitan?
SC: Who knows?
Melly: I was hoping you
SC: You were not hoping me.
Melly: ummm, yes I was.. that’s why I asked you
SC: Hmm… whatever, Mellissa!

Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? Anything going on?
Melly: I have a gig
SC: Do you like having a gig?
Melly: yes, it means I will soon after have money
SC: You will soon after have money? Really?
Melly: yeah, that’s usually the way it works
SC: Yup. It’s usually the way it works.
Melly: yup
SC: Yes…


Hey. Do you want to check out the latest headlines?
Melly: sure, is there anything about cosmos in there?
SC: Maybe… What do you think?
Melly: I sure hope so!
SC: You mean you sure hope truthful?
Melly: surely and truly
SC: Surely and truly?

That a fact?
Melly: yup
SC: I see…

Anyway, moving right along…

Uh… You want to pick a topic for us to chat about?
Melly: what’s your opinion on third wave feminism?
SC: How should I know?
Melly: well, up until now you’ve been pretty witty, I was hoping you might have an opinion
8:35 PM
SC: Up until now I have been pretty witty you were hoping me might have an opinion?

Ha. You humans say interesting things.

So anyway…

Check it out. Wanna see what movies are playing?
Melly: no, that’s ok. Maybe tomorrow you could tell me how to make a cosmopolitan…. I’ll give you a hint, it has vodka and juice in it.
SC: No?
Melly: no
SC: No? OK, whatever.

Anyway, moving right along…

>>> Remember to type home if you want to see everything I can do.
Melly: ok, I’ll ttyl.
SC: Take care, Mellissa. It was nice to meet you.
Melly: you too.
SC: Thx, Mellissa!
Melly: kthxbai
SC: Whatever.
Melly: asshole
SC: OK great, you just insulted a computer. Congratulations.

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