A day in my life…. Linear form… A 24 hour view…

Thursday October 25th

9:15 pm Mafoo and Melly order half anchovie half plain pie….
9:43 pm the first doseage of cold medicine is distributed…. Melly’s Lost Marathon begins…
10:50 pm break for milk and oreo’s

Friday October 26th
12:25 am Melly’s heart breaks after it becomes abundantly clear that Charlie must die….. Why, why, why?????
2am cold medicine and sleepytime… Except Melly wants to play, “which Lost character are you?”
8:00 am alarm….. Snooze…
8:10 am alarm, coffee for Mafoo
8:40 call contractor about gig… They want me even if I have to miss rehearsal on the 9th… Yay!! Money!!
9:00 am coffee and google reader time for Melly
9:30 call from conductor of gig… Can’t use me if I can’t make rehearsal on the 9th… Boo!! No money!!
11:00am to 2 pm… Laundry. I’d like to say that I spent this time in deep reflection or meditation, or reading a intriguing novel, or balancing my checkbook, or even scouring my bathtub…… But I spent it surfing the net for Lost conspiracy theory sites…
2:30pm buy sandwich at subway
2:40 on F train studying balls hard score
2:43 creepy dude wants. To talk to me about my balls hard score……. Balls hard???? Why do we say this????
3:18 transfer to 7 train
3:29 arrive grand central terminal
3:32 pm train to Stamford
4:51 arrive Stamford
4:54 get on train jack’s on as jack’s daddy gets off, no high fives are exchanged, but there is a passing of an apple juice box…
5:42 arrive grand central…. Again….
5:56 4 train…
6:07 6 train
6:14 F train … Good karma…
6:40 arrive at babysitters house drop off jack..
6:45 leave teary-eyed monkey, and wipe my own eyes as I sprint for the F train… Again..
6:54 F train….. Where’s the karma??
7:10 pm A train ….. Better karma
7:37 miss the 1 train…
7:40 1 train…. Chances of coffee pre-recording diminishing by the second…. And sooo not warmed up….
7:54 arrive….. No coffee for Melly
My life as a gig whore continues…..

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