Virginia ain’t fer Lovers

If you haven’t heard yet, read it here:

In a nutshell, on Tuesday, Hampton VA resident Daniel Riase was sentenced to five years prison time, with thirty years suspended, for crushing up the abortion drug RU-486 and giving it to his 19 year old girlfriend in a glass of milk. I-Shari Best told Riase of her pregnancy, and, well… he did not react well…. His first reaction was to yell and punch her in the stomach, and then he figured he’d play it cool, so he pretended to be excited about their future child….. and everything was all roses and butterflies until the milk incident last February.

Best, who at the time was 11 weeks pregnant, drank a glass of milk given to her by Riase and began bleeding, and was told at the Santara Clareplex Hospital that she had miscarried. Best didn’t think anything was up until she came across an e-mail receipt for the abortion pill misoprostol on Riase’s computer…..

Even more twisted than the boyfriends behavior, was the low, low, LOW strategy of attorney Ronald Smith, who tried to illicit sympathy from the jury on his client’s behalf by using the information that Best had already had two abortions……ummmmm…… I know my Law& Order from the 12 weeks I was on bedrest…….Objection?? Irrelevant???? Nice try.

Let’s make something clear here for douchebags like this attorney, or drooler’s like Riase…. in those other two cases, Best CHOSE to end her pregnancy…. not so much here. In fact, she had considered the abortion earlier, and had CHOSEN to go through with the pregnancy. Riase pleaded guilty in August to one count of aggravated malicious wounding leading to the involuntary termination of a woman’s pregnancy, and one count of adulterating a drink. It is ironically, one tragic moment where Pro-Choicers and Pro-Lifers just might see eye to eye.

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