Starbucks meets Hooters……

All of the female employees of the Monroe Washington coffee shop Lola Bean have decided to quit after owner decided to buy into the franchise Cowgirl Espresso. Dress code change for female employees would entail a daily theme: Military Monday, Cowgirl Tuesday, Bikini Wednesday, Schoolgirl Thursday and Fantasy Friday….. yuck.

Have to say I’m impressed that all the gals stuck together and quit, but I’m not sure which is more upsetting, that the owner was surprised that they all walked out, or that he’s received an overwhelming number of new applications. Check out their website if you can stomach it… ummmm, they’re not just selling over-priced coffee.

My question is are there no male employees at Lola Bean? And the bigger question is WHY? Cowgirl employees get paid minimum wage and apparently the tips are lousy…. where is the gratification in that?

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